Summer Plans: Part 1

The first part of our summer plan is academic.  Last summer we continued math and foreign language (at half speed) and noticed a huge difference in the ease with which we slid back into our autumn routine.  So we will still do a short lesson in math M/W/F and foreign language T/Th.  Obviously, we will continue to read aloud to the kids as much as they’ll let us.

But we’re adding a Summer Reading Program.  The goals are several: for J, our most avid reader, we’d like to encourage him to branch out beyond his favorite fare.  For M and O, we’d like them to continue in fluency and choose books more readily over other activities.

So every day, I’m asking the children each to set aside 30 minutes to read.  (That’s a little more than M & O now spend on their school reading, and much less than J reads.)  The thirty minutes will count toward a prize (probably a book of their choice at the bookstore.)

Additionally, the number of books read will add up toward prizes… simple things, like bike rides for ice cream, or the chance to pick which game we play, or a move choice from the library.

I go back and forth on my thoughts of rewarding children for something I want them to love for its own sake, but I think this summer, it’s going to be useful.

Are you setting any academic goals for your family this summer?

4 thoughts on “Summer Plans: Part 1

  1. I’m planning on doing a sort of “homeschooling, lite” during the summer. Basically, all the fun content stuff – lots and lots of reading poetry and science (my kids are at that lovely how-does-it-work stage), doing some crafts, lives of the saints, history . . . basically, I’m planning on reading to them a LOT. 😀 And maybe doing a bit of grammar and Spanish. Oh – and all four kids think we should do “preschool” with the two youngest – with the two oldest being assistant teachers! 😀 So, that should be fun.


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