Beating the Feburary Blues: Day 6

Welcome to a month of ideas to beat the February Blues!

Day 6: Plan a fantasy vacation.

The Highlands of Guatemala

Ruins at Talalik Abaj

This year, we’re planning a trip to London.  But your trip doesn’t have to be scheduled, or even possible.

What would a vacation in New Zealand look like?  What would you visit? Or what would you have to take with you to vacation on the moon?

Be sure to check out what your library has on your destination.  Or the Lonely Planet website.

Beating the February Blues: Day 3

Welcome to a month of ideas to beat the February Blues.

Day 3: Make potato-stamp valentines.  (If you make them this week, you’ll still have time to mail them!)

Instructions: Cut a potato in half.  Carve a heart in each side (either raised, in in bas relief.) Paint it with whatever paint (around here, it had better be washable paint!) you have handy. Stamp onto notecards.  Write a love note.



Beat the February Blues

Happy February to you!

February can be such a hard month for schooling. For living. It’s the month when I ask myself what on earth I thought I was doing when I decided to homeschool. It’s the month I most need fresh flowers in the kitchen and a whole day off tucked into the corner of the couch with a novel. February is when I wish I had a personal chef, housecleaner and live-in masseur.

In the past, I’ve tried digging in deeper where we were. Other years, I’ve taken a break from what was on our list and focused on something entirely new. In that spirit, I’m going to spend this month on the blog sharing an idea each day to help you Beat the February Blues. Let the fun begin!  Be sure to share your own ideas in the comments.