Jonah: 8th grade, Owen: 5th grade, Moriah: 4th grade, SweetP: Kindergarten (as she would say, at last!)

Bible: Last year we added more independent reading of the Bible (each child) as well as family reading and verse memorization.  We’ll continue that this year.  I would like each child to read a full gospel and an epistle.

Math: J: Intro to Statistics, O: Singapore Primary  Math 6B/New Elementary Mathematics 1, M: Singapore Primary Math 4B/5A, P: Singapore Primary Math 1A (and maybe B, depending on how it goes)

Latin: Henle Year 2 (for J).  He does this very independently.  I am hoping to find him an online class or club to support him in it.

Spanish: Rosetta Stone Level 2 (O & M), and phrases for all of us.  I’m planning to add in more written Spanish, starting with the worksheets from Rosetta Stone

Arabic: Rosetta Stone Level 1 (O&M) and special tutoring with Papa

Language Arts: ETC 1 and copyworks (1 word at a time) for P.  Classical Composition for M & O (moving into Fable Stage) and Cheria/Maxim for J.

I would like to have them write 3-4 reports this year, though I haven’t decided which subject we will choose.

Geography: US geography as it fits into the Civil War and nascent statehood; A Child’s Geography, Vol. 1  (Voskamp).

Music: We’ll continue with piano using Faber, and Composer Study: Haydn, Tchaikovsky, O’Connor, and Stravinsky.

Art: Picture Study: Copley and Manet.

Science: Apologia Astronomy (for O, M and P) and Apologia Biology for J.

Nature Study: We plan on continuing our Nature Study walks and charting.  I would like us to do Trees again in the fall and winter, and birds in the spring… as well as whatever else catches anyone’s eye.

Literature: Shakespeare, As You Like It.  Poetry (hopefully every Friday)- I would like to read some Emily Dickinson, Carl Sandberg, and Walt Whitman.

Individually, each of them read a mix of novels of their choice and mine.

As our History “spine,” we are back to Abraham Lincoln’s World by Genevieve Foster.  Once I have our literature/history selections roughed out more fully, I will post them here.

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