Reading Club Prizes

A few of you have asked what we’re doing for our reading club and exercise club prizes.  My friend Lori had great suggestions from what they’ve done, and we added a few that were important to our kids (like bookmarks).
Our list of “small prizes” includes:

  • watch a movie on the DVD player in your bed
  • stay up 45 minutes past bedtime with Mommy & Daddy
  • 1 hour free computer time
  • a free item at Sonic (regular menu)
  • breakfast out with Mommy or Daddy
  • a snack from the vending machine at the pool
  • your choice for family movie night
  • your choice for family game night
  • a movie choice from the Red Box
  • a free book (up to $10 value)
  • a new bookmark

Our list of “big prizes” includes:

  • a trip to the water park
  • dinner at one of our two favorite restaurants
  • a bucket of Lego bricks ($15)

We have different scales.  For M & O: we started with a prize for the first novel, then the third, fifth, tenth… and up by 5’s.  At 25 they can participate in the “big” prize.  For J: we started with 5, then 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50, with the prize at the 50 and 100.  J’s additional requirement for prizes is that 1 of every 3 books on his list for prizes needs to come from a list of book I have chosen.  (Mostly Newbery and ALA award winners and classics.)   The exercise scale will be the same for everyone: a prize at every 20 sessions of exercise (park play, pool time, swim team, bike ride…)

So far, they have redeemed:

  • breakfast at IHOP (M)
  • a free book (O and M)
  • pool snacks (everyone)

And I have to say: so far my devious plan is working.  J is trying books on a broad range of subjects and– for the most part– is enjoying them.  M and O are picking up longer books by choice and are loving reading.  SweetP and I are spending significant time together on the couch reading.  And we are all getting out regularly to enjoy being active together.


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