I did it!  I finished the 10K… and it wasn’t even on my bucket list.

I wish I had some fabulous photo of my run here, but I didn’t take any.  Not before, not after.  I’m sure soon the race photographers will email me a fabulous photo of me looking pained or adjusting my shorts and blackmail invite me to buy a copy of it for $50.

My friend Renee asked me two weeks ago what my goals were.  I think this was after the week of back pain but while I was still nursing my ankle sprain.  My goals were:

  • finish
  • do under 1:10
  • not have abdominal cramps or worse
  • feel good at the end

(Not shooting too high, here.)

We woke up to a beautiful day and parked with no problems.  We made it to the start line and I found my two friends.  The trumpet played; the gun went off.  We were running.  It became immediately clear that I had neglected several parts of my pre-race preparation.

  1. I had not reconnected my Pandora to the web (I turned it off since it was eating up all my battery power) so I didn’t have my tunes.
  2. I didn’t start my mapmyrun so I had no sense of my pace.

This is my standard pre-race problem.  I have these euphoric runs around our neighborhood and open-space.  My music and the little voice who tells me my pace really help me set my internal monitor.  I had neither.  I became very concerned that I would not make it through the two big hills, and I started trying to pace myself by how I felt.  And I felt pretty good.  Until the end, when I realized that I ran a good 20 seconds per minute slower than my regular pace and had a ton of juice left at the end.  Goals met: finish, and have no abdominal cramps, and feel good at the end.  Goal not met: finish under 1:10.

It turns out I’m kinda lazy.  If the options are A) push myself or B) smell the roses, I’m much more likely to smell the roses.  And the peonies.

Next year: take more photos at the beginning and the end.  Push myself a little more.  Shoot to be tired at the finish line.  Continue to be grateful that I can run.


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