Monday Daybook: before Thanksgiving

Out my window: Cold.  Dark.  Nonetheless, the chickens are asking to be let outside.

In the kitchen: Thanksgiving preparations.  Normally, we travel this week and spend Thanksgiving with Sam’s family, but this year we’re staying home. Not only do we get to host a dinner (perhaps the first time in 18 years of marriage?) but we’re also using the weekend to celebrate the volunteers who work with children at our church.  I have a lot of lists.


This is the photograph (by Jon Kaplan) that stole my heart in Guatemala.  I went back to the gallery three times before I finally bought her and carried her home with me in a tube I was sure I would leave on the plane.  I used my birthday money to frame her, and now she hangs in my kitchen and smiles at me while I do the dishes.  Is there a piece of art that has done that to you?

In the school room: We’re taking this week off, but the library basket is full.  We are planning to be out of the house today and tomorrow (but remind any thieves who would target our house that we have eight vicious attack chickens on the loose).  Last week we had first-quarter tests in pre-algebra and Chemistry.  When we start back in December: World War I and the 1918 Influenza pandemic.

Planning: aforementioned celebrations.  Also, I am planning for Advent.  I’ve been wrapping up books, and I just pulled out all our Advent candles.  If you don’t have any, you can find them on Amazon, or here.  Our wreath uses plain white candles, so I tend to stock up on them when I find them and then take them to church to be blessed on Candlemas Sunday.

Around the house: this place is a mess, the consequence of being out all weekend. But I have children for who can “clean” it, and they can’t make it worse!

Reading: I just finished rereading The Dark is Rising by Susan Cooper, and I’m still nibbling at From This Day Forward by Elswyth Thane.  I picked up Seabiscuit and a couple Travis McGee mysteries from the library, but who are we kidding- there isn’t going to be any time to read this week!

In my shoes: I’ve been packing my head lamp and warmer clothes while the kids swim, and I’ve been able to fit some evening runs in under the street lamps.  And I’m planning to run a turkey trot this week with my PRP (perfect running partner), instead of the one I’ve run the past few years with Sam,  his sister & her husband.  There’s one really tall guy who wears a turkey hat, and I always end up following the turkey butt for the whole five miles.  Hopefully I can find a turkey butt to follow this year.

Grateful:   I just wrote our annual alphabet of thanksgiving, so I have quite an alliterative list of bountiful blessings.  Most immediately, I am grateful for the kindness of Jesus.

Praying for: This is also quite a list, but chief on my heart today is my mother-in-law, Judy. Would you pray for her, too?  Thank you.

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