7 Quick Takes: the Turkey Hangover Edition

This will be 7 quick takes, but on a Tuesday.  Like Takos Tuesday on a Friday.  Only on a Tuesday.

1. Our chickens are seriously laying now.  We get 3-5 eggs every day.  Most of them are still very small eggs (35 g), but they are no less fun to find in the coop.  They all have adjusted to Sam’s new fencing situation, which he put up order to keep them off our grass and patio. Now, instead of roaming freely, they have 450 square feet (that’s a complete guess) of mulch to dig and destroy, but they have to fly over the fence if they want to dig holes in my garden.  Which they do.  Regularly.


2. We took last week off school entirely.  Everyone has more energy for it this week, including me.  Owen has had his first math tests this fall.  Why no tests, you ask?  Well, I could see what he understood from his homework, and he’s a guy who is stressed out by the word test. But he’s in sixth grade now, and it’s time for him to learn how to do them.  He took one right before our mini-break and froze when he didn’t understand the problem, instead of applying what he did know.  But now we can work on that.

3. The kids have all been scheming privately to give each other gifts.  Jonah and the girls have been faithfully saving for something expensive Owen wants, but Jonah found a Cyber Monday deal for it and bought it for 40% off, so they all have money left.  Maybe now they can stop asking me for ways to earn more money.

Child: Mommy, if I sweep the patio, will you pay me?

Me: No, because that’s a job on our regular list.  You have to do that one for free.

Child: Can you think of any other jobs I could do for money?

Me: Not until all your regular jobs are done without complaining.

It’s tough around here, I tell ya.

4. Last week we spent a day with our friends and old neighbors. (Wonderful!)  I used my friend’s sewing machine for a project, and it made me miss my own, which died a complete and total death this fall. (It’s currently in the possession of Owen’s inventing class at school, which has been dissecting it.)  I want a fairly simple one that would be sturdy enough to stand up to my kids’ use, have a button-holer and straight and zigzag stitches, and not cost an arm and a leg.  Suggestions?

5. I really wanted to do a Turkey Trot last week. Neither of my running friends were available to run with me, which made driving 30 minutes and paying $45 for a shirt that would certainly be too small seem silly.  So I ran around the neighborhood and imagined I was following the tall man in the turkey hat like I always do at the Turkey Trot we traditionally do in Chicago.  It was a great run.

6. Are you struggling to use up your leftover turkey?  I made turkey and green chile enchiladas one night (yum!) and fried rice with turkey another.  Neither of them felt like leftovers.  What are your favorite post-holiday recipes?

7. Look!  Our book is recommended by Beth Feller Jones at The Christian Century!  And by Tsh Oxenreider at The Art of Simple. Hooray!


One thought on “7 Quick Takes: the Turkey Hangover Edition

  1. Let’s just buy 2 hats-cheaper than one race registration?-and let mr. M and dr. D run in front of us for next years Trot! 🙂 and a cheap sewing machine. They just don’t make them like they used to!! I’ll keep an eye out for you at estate sales. And I will now be naming turkey fried rice for dinner tomorrow. Excellent.

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