Today I’m grateful for:

Last week’s visit of our friends, and our trip to the Margaret Brown House.

This week’s miles. I tried a new route for my five miler yesterday, and it felt good.


My birthday hike, delayed for a week.  Obviously, this was before the winter descended on us like an acme anvil.

That my patient with liver failure is finally on the transplant list.

Tea and wool with a Christy on Saturday.  Dinner guests three times this week.  We are very blessed.


My mom.

The miracle that let Mandy go home from the hospital.

Tea and pie with Heidi.


Playing games with my kids, even if they have to make up complicated alternate rules every time.

My friend Karen’s life, and how her recipes help me remember her.  I made her pumpkin ribbon bread this week and posted a note to her fb page.  Her cousin emailed me for the recipe, so I was able to share it.


I love reading your comments! Thanks for visiting.

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