Daybook, April

Outside my window: It’s a Tuesday in April.  Therefore it must be snowing.  I love snow, and even I’m over it.  Of course this is also the day we have a donation arranged, so we have all sorts of things we had to sneak out of the children’s rooms disguised as laundry that we’re giving away.  One of them caught us this morning moving it out into the alley.  Child:  “You can’t give that away!  I LOVE that!”    Parent: “When was the last time you played with that?”  Child: “Um…”



In the kitchen: last week, non-local strawberries were in season and cheaper(er) than usual.  Sam brough home a bunch, and I made jam.  So now we need some bread to go under it.


Month-at-a-time menu planning is still happening, though the once-a-fortnight shopping has stopped.  I can’t fit it all in the cart, it takes too long, and I find the size of the bill depressing.  And I didn’t really save any money.  So once-a-week it is.

In the school room: ITBS testing this week.  After all my grand pronouncements yesterday, we started.  On the third section, one of my children asked to take a bathroom break.  It was only a 12 minute section.  She didn’t dally, but 12 minutes doesn’t give you a lot of leeway.  She came back and was perseverating on each question.  “Well, I know really has two l’s, so maybe real should too?  Hmm?”  All I could really say to her was, “Please don’t talk out loud.”  The timer went off, she had six left to do, and I told her she had to close her book and put her pencil down.  Tears, weeping, gnashing of teeth(hers, not mine).  I’m hoping she takes bathroom breaks between sessions today.

Grateful: for my church.  And for the Church.  A good, long run (the first in almost 2 months).  For Mandy, who inspired me this week to make some small changes in my life.  For healthy babies and Centering Pregnancy– one of my groups this week was just like a party.  A loud, hilarious party.  In Spanish.  That I got to go to.  I was so honored to be there.

And [trumpets, fanfare] I just got an email from a midwife who helped coordinate last fall’s training we did in Thailand.  She attended a difficult delivery in the jungle and saved the life of the young mother. (Truly, not just “Well, anybody would have done the same.”  No, there was no one else.  God used her to save that mother.)  The baby looked bad, and she and one of the medics we trained were able to resuscitate the baby using the skills and equipment we shared with them.  Mom and baby walked out together, healthy.  Praise God!  Thank you so much to those who supported that trip.  It is now officially All Worth It.

Side note that is truly irrelevant: I made that skirt in 1984.  8th grade.  It is my most-traveled piece of clothing.

Praying for: Mandy, Lynn, Jen and her family.  For hope despite chronic pain and suffering. For Lala & her family.  For the homeless, who must dread the snow even more than I do today.  Discernment: to use our resources and gifts wisely, and to make the most of every day, especially here at home where the “daily” can easily feel mundane.  Friends who are moving to Thailand this week: for safe travel, jobs, friends, a church.

5 thoughts on “Daybook, April

  1. That story about the midwife gave me goose bumps. It’s always so amazing when you get to see exactly how this one little thing is part of such a larger one. I often reflect on the fact that if I lived somewhere very different, Megan and I would have died during her delivery.

    Thanks so much for dropping by. It’s always fun to see another p,f,h,r buddy!


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