Daybook: Standardized Testing

Outside my window: Green.  We’ve had rain. I love spring.

In the kitchen: Yesterday I made a stunningly beautiful yet underappreciated stir-fry. It had Italian sausage, green beans and spinach, orange carrots, red peppers, and purple cabbage.  The children were not amused.

It looked like a ton of food when I was chopping it all into bite-sized pieces, but then it barely covered the bottom of the pan. Sam asked if I was counting on the children’s refusal to eat it. So anyway, today’s dinner will be high-volume and low-quality to make up for yesterday.

In the schoolroom: standardized testing. The big kids have this drill down. Moriah reminded everyone before they started that if they had to leave to go to the bathroom, the clock won’t stop. This is SweetP’s first year with it, and she had trouble sitting there through two full sessions. She had to identify a “referee.” Excuse me? Why is that a kindergarten vocabulary word? Kindergarten soccer doesn’t even have referees.  Cafeteria was on there, too. Very school-o-centric, IMHO. I remember one year the test had a question like, “A football team scored one touchdown, two field goals and an extra point. What was their final score?” Jonah got that one wrong, I’m sure.

Of course, the antidote to too much standardized testing is Art. Lots of Art.

In the garden: we stopped at the garden store Sunday and picked up a few perennials to put in the garden.  The landscaper put four juniper bushes in a 12-sq-foot patch in front of the house.  Even if I hadn’t spent the first 7 years of my life fighting a juniper bush for the basketball that always landed in the bush, four of them would be too many for that spot.  We picked some iris and daisies instead, which I hope to put in today.

On my mind: I’m going to my friend Jerry’s funeral this weekend, despite Sam’s having to work.  Several friends have offered to take care of my family while I’m gone.  I am very grateful.  Anyway, here’s a link to Jerry’s wife’s words of grace (she made this statement the day he died.)

Grateful: that Mandy’s weekend hospitalization was short, for the life of Jerry Umanos, for fiction, for our friends, for our church, for this weekend’s 30 Hour Famine, for my brave and loving friends who are foster parents.

Praying: for Jan & family, Clare, Renee, Christine, Mandy, the Simons, the Neals, the Lawndale family, Cure International’s Hospital in Kabul, Carole & family.


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