{phfr}: Late April

Pretty: my new mantle letters.  I bought a full year’s worth, beginning with PRAY for Lent and now ALLELUIA for Easter.  (I can’t tell you how excited the children were to see that Alleluia!)

Happy: one benefit of this snowy April has been the quality of our inside time.  (Why is that? Better light than in the spring?)  Tuesday afternoon, J and I sat at the table and played Scrabble while O sat next to me crafting an elaborate Lego set for the stop-action Ninja “film” he’s planning.  (P.S. HOAX was my word.  I got double word score for it.)


Funny: two long (for me) runs this week with my running partner.  We came upon a high school with a track yesterday.  I had never actually run on a track before.  We did one lap, which was not a sprint.  The photo is entirely staged.  But the smile on this photo is truly how happy I feel when I’m running.  Most of the time.

Real: Remember those tulips I was threatening to pull up myself?  Now they’re blooming.

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