Salawin National Park

Once our teaching was done, we had a morning in Mae Sariang to see the sights. Mae Sariang is not one of the main tourist sights of Thailand, but we enjoyed it.  We stayed in a beautiful “resort” (resort meaning a guest house that is not in the city) overlooking the river.  The teak floors and trim were in contrast to the lush greenery and white walls and bedding, but apparently I didn’t take a photo of it.


We were able to rent bikes for 50 baht.  There were nicer bikes for 100 baht, and after the first hill I was wishing I had gotten one, but how could I resist a red bike with a basket and a Mickey Mouse key chain dangling from the seat?

The park is 7 km from town, though it seemed like the last 3 km were more like miles.  The view was totally worth it.


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