Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

9/21/2012- Thai Cooking- by Sonia Graber

So after teaching and a little bit of bicycling to the National Park we decided to take a Thai cooking class!  Great fun.  We started out the evening walking to the market to see what types of fresh foods and spices Thais use for cooking.  Some of which are definitely difficult for us to get in the US but not impossible.  Below  are obviously different kinds of eggs and little bananas to the right.  The Pink eggs for those of you wondering are “Century” eggs- if you have heard of them.  They are fertilized eggs that have part of developed chicken in them that are then fermented by some type of chemical process- I think they used to be buried in the past to ferment, but not anymore.  Needless to say, we didn’t use these items for cooking.


The class consisted of cooking 5 different dishes, soup, appetizer, curry paste making, and two different main dishes.  All of this in 4 hours.  Listed below is one of our favorite soups, tom-yum- kung.  There were 10 of us in class- 4 Israelis, two Brits, and two guys from Ireland.


Anne and I after a lovely evening of cooking and wonderful food!


3 thoughts on “Cooking Class in Chiang Mai

  1. Oh How fun! To actually take a cooking class in the country you are visiting! I love the pictures you are sending. It helps me to feel like I could be there too.


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