Random School News

Two weeks ago, we went to the Colorado Shakespeare Festival’s Christmas play, It’s a Wonderful Life: The Radio Show.  The actors do a talk-back after the show, and the kids recognized one of the actors from last year’s play, A Christmas Carol.  I was a little nervous because there wasn’t much action on stage (it being a radio production), but the kids especially liked the Foley artist.  I learned that a Foley artist does sound effects.  Very fun.


Then Friday, we had a final exam.  (Total points 100).

  1. Would you rather be a cat or a dog? (7 pts)
  2. Would you rather eat noodles or pasta? (9 pts)
  3. Would you rather dance or jump rope? (20 pts)
  4. Would you rather do math or read? (5 pts)
  5. Are your toenails smooth or bumpy? (4 pts)
  6. What is the best book you read this fall? (10 pts)
  7. What is better: peppermint bark, or gum (not in your hair)? (5 pts) (Only one person answered gum.)
  8. What is your favorite Christmas carol? (15 pts)
  9. What are giving to Jesus for Christmas?(25 pts)

Everyone scored 100, which was a great relief to the teacher.

Then O made a second final exam, which he called the Final Final Exam.  (all spelling was taken directly from the exam)

  1. witch name would you like to have? a) Sam b) noel c) 36b
  2. witch instrument would you rather be? a) gaiter b) piano c) flute
  3. how many sides would you have if you where a shape? a)1 b)56 c) 12587946351
  4. what code would you make? a) shapes b) symbols c) code

The grades of this exam aren’t back yet.

Then we did science experiments.

O tested taste, blindfolded.
M wanted to know if you could jump rope better when you were old or young (happily, OLD!)

I wanted to confirm independently the study that showed that people are smarter when they chew gum.


Everyone jumped more jumps while they were chewing gum.  Guess it’s true.  Can somebody email my second grade teacher and let her know?

3 thoughts on “Random School News

  1. You know what is so funny? When I heard at McDonald’s that you had science experiments left to do that Friday I felt very inadequate. “Oh, great,” I thought, “A’s kids are going home to do amazing experiments (my mind’s eye picturing you with microscopes and petri dishes) and we’re going home to take naps!” I absolutely love how you home school, thanks for the down-to-earth Friday science recap. Love it!


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