Daybook: End of November


Outside my window: it’s cold today, after 75 and sunny yesterday. Similar (emotional) swings are occurring inside the house as well. The light and shadows are so close and so stark this time of year.


In the kitchen: today we’re going to have beef pasties. This is my new favorite grab-it-and-go meal. (I just wish someone else were doing the prep before I grabbed it.)

In the school room: we really needed our break last week. Now we are regrouping and trying to press on till our longer break at Christmas. I took a few minutes Sunday night, when I do my usual school prep, to assess the growth so far this year and it’s been significant. Hopefully I will remember that when I stare down far we have to go.


In my shoes: We went for the independent (a.k.a. free) turkey trot this year, and I ran a beautiful four miles. Yes, it’s the same four miles I usually run, but it seemed sunnier than usual, and I felt lighter. (That feeling went away after dinner.)

In my reading pile: I spent a good chunk of the weekend reading, finishing Written in My Own Heart’s Blood (Gabaldon), Sourdough (Sloan), and The Attenbury Emeralds (Walsh). The trick after so much feasting is going back to being able to read only a little bit here and there.


Grateful for: a Thanksgiving celebration with my parents.  We shared dinner and decorated their Christmas tree with them, which has become a cherished tradition. It’s been two years since Sam was miraculously healed. We are still celebrating that! I’m grateful for Phoebe’s confirmation this weekend- it was joyful and beautiful and precious.


Praying for: More miracles, of new life and healing, in other lives that are dear to me. Mandy’s new knee (going in today!)

One thought on “Daybook: End of November

  1. Hi Ann;
    loved your post! Blessed and blissful.
    Want to share that today I was thinking of making pasties again, motivated by the cold and barren landscape., delighted to know that you are a fan. I learned to make them as a new bride from my husbands Grandmother. She was a transplant to Montana from Cornwall England. Her husband was a miner, & Pasties were the staple meal in miners lunch pails, and, of course they passed on the tradition in Butte, Mt. , then on to the families here.

    I crave them especially this time of the year. Nothing can beat the aroma filling the house on a cold winter day. Like you, I wish there were some genius app that would cut the prep time in half! LOL. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Carolyn Harris


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