Daybook: mid-September 2016

Out my window: the roses are going crazy again.  The night was cools (in the 50s) and this morning is cool and gray.  We brought the London weather home with us, perhaps.

In the kitchen: Before we left, I froze already-cooked pork for tacos, and we have everything else.  But I need to soak some beans for a crockpot meal tomorrow, and I picked up a bunch of fruit from the store.  Tomorrow we have our CSA delivery, and I’ll plan our meals and more complete grocery shopping from there.
No, these aren’t teabags. They are packets of Icelandic make-up removing cloths.  Something may have been lost in translation, though.

Around the house: We cleaned before we left, but you’d never know it.  The house is an explosion of laundry and travel-y odds and ends that haven’t found their homes again.


Playing in Iceland.

On the school schedule: Jonah had his online classes from yesterday to make up. Everyone else has a little co-op homework to do, and we have music lessons, dance, and swim team tonight.  So while it’s a lighter day, it’s still plenty full.

Grateful for: a really good trip to London.  Our plane from Denver to Iceland had a mechanical malfunction, and they had to bring in a later plane, which caused us to miss our connection to Heathrow… but it meant the airline put us up in a hotel in Reykjavik overnight.  We ate lots of fish and walked the harbor… it was a lovely treat that seemed great to me.  The kids kept pointing out that it wasn’t an extra mini-vacation (as I kept calling it) but rather a day stolen from our plans.  However, it was a no-brainer to me to be grateful for a day in Iceland instead of a scary mid-flight diversion, or worse… maybe 9/11 is still in my heart and mind in a way it will never be for them.  Anyway, I was grateful.  I am grateful.


From the window of our hotel in Reykjavik.

Praying for:  Mandy, Gerri and Jim (and all their families). Renee and her family as they mourn.  Marriages. Our friends serving overseas- for their encouragement, endurance, safety and connection.  Families still mourning the losses of 9/11.  Refugees.


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