Seven, addendum

I neglected to post photos from M’s party.  Here’s a selection.  We were sadly missing 2 families we were really hoping to see who couldn’t come, but we had a great group of girls princesses all the same.  And a few princes boys, too.
M's Party 2011

Her requests were “lots of desserts” and “dancing”.  Do you know Jim Gill’s music?  He has a wonderful song, “Silly Dance Contest,” and we must have repeated that song twenty times.  It made me laugh to remember how– when I was little– we’d be doing that on a cassette player.

The cupcakes and lemon cheesecake were a hit.  The blueberry scones (on which she INSISTED, even though I’d been favoring brownies) weren’t eaten at all.  But they were delicious later, and they look lovely on my hips.

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