Gray Sweater

It’s done.  I’m wearing it.  I love it, and not only because knitting it gave me hours in which to watch the new Emma done by Masterpiece Theater.  (Sam gave it to me for Christmas.  Not only does he give me costume dramas– he watches them with me.  More than once.  He’s so good to me.)

After the gauge fiasco, I am thrilled that it fits, even though the roll at the V-neck isn’t perfect.  It’s Heidi Kirrmaier’s Simple Summer Top-Down V-Neck, knit in Knit Pick’s Swish Worsted, which is 100% Merino superwash.  It’s soft and washable– although I may never take it off again.  Or at least, not until summer.  Here’s the Ravelry Link.

Are you making anything for yourself?

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