Una Creperia!

Okay, I know “creperia” isn’t a word.  But La Creperie is a trade-marked, and since we speak more Spanish than French, I decided we’d be a creperia.

I whipped up crepe batter (I used my go-to cookbook for all basic recipes: Marion Cunninham’s Fannie Farmer Cookbook) and asked the kids to put out all the crepe fillngs we had.  Oddly, they didn’t make any white sauce over shredded gruyere.

I greased my griddle, waited for it to get all sizzly-like, and put 3/4 of a small ladel-full of batter on the griddle.  Then I  smeared it into a larger circle (just like the guy at the Cinzetti’s does).  Everyone filled his (or her) own crepes.

Wait- how did that get in there?  See that green bottle?  Here’s a closer shot…
Seriously, I promise nobody filled a crepe with Suave detangling spray.

My favorite: a little cream cheese frosting, raspberry sauce, and a drizzle of chocolate over the top.  Yum!

What’s the weirdest thing that’s every been on your kitchen table?  What would you fill your crepe with?