Late-Lent Photojournal, 2012


In the garden:  crocuses.  And SweetP keeps walking around, telling me about the progress of the tulips and rose bushes.

In the kitchen:  we had a friend over for dinner last week.  Sam grilled, and we laughed and laughed.  It made dinner that much tastier.

In the schoolroom: Last week was full of WAY TOO MANY conversation about how people can still do math, even with broken collar bones.  I’m hoping this week is better.  Whenever the conversation got too heated, I pulled the plug on the math and just started reading to them.  I wish I remembered to do that more often.

We are enjoying the blooming of our Lent/Easter tree.  It’s a cutting from one of the shrubs in the front yard.  I like it much more in the school room than in the yard.


I had to put yarn loops on all the pictures because the punched holes can’t fit over the leaves.


We’ve also been doing more art. Can someone please explain to me why he can DRAW just fine with a broken collar-bone, but he can’t do fractions?


On the road: My running seems to be back on track.  Part of it is the longer days, and part just because I stopped trying to go fast.  When I was working on my pace, I kept having terrible abdominal cramping.  No fun.  Now that I’m back to my regular pace, I enjoy it and can go much futher.  I’ve run 100 miles in 2012.  Who’d a thunk it?

Lent, 2012

There’s plenty of time to seek the Lord this season.


A Holy Experience has several really gentle, fruitful Lenten offerings: The Trail to the Tree, which we did last year, and this year’s offering: a dedicated place in your home to seek and offer forgiveness.  I think it’s a lovely, concrete idea that will be food for us all around here.

We also received a (Caleb Voskamp) beautiful Cradle to the Cross wreath.  We used it at Advent, and I’m excited to use it as a visual reminder for Lent.

What I don’t want to do, though, is weigh myself down with more burdens.  More to-dos.

I sensed God calling me this year to give up my morning writing time– just for this season of Lent– in favor of prayer.  My writing isn’t bad. On the contrary, I think it’s good for me.  But prayer is better, and I think I will be more determined to find other time to write… while I don’t make other time to pray.   I am eager and excited to begin this discipline today.

And when I fall down, and just.don’t.bother to turn on my alarm… I will pick myself up. Dust off my knees, and get down on them again.

Blessings to you this Lenten Season.  If you’re willing, would you just drop a note in the comments to share what you are hoping for during this season?