In Which I Finish the Red Sweater. Again.


You’ll be thrilled to hear that the red sweater is done, and after this post you never have to hear about it again.


Remember the red sweater?  It was my Knitting Olympics sweater.

The sweater that was so huge on me I finally frogged the whole thing and started over?


That was really a low point for my knitting career, but I’m so glad I did it. Last month I was knitting at my friend Ruth’s house, and we spent a while looking at what I had left to knit (two sleeves and the button bands) and the wool I had left (three small balls) and weren’t sure I was going to make it. Happily, I found another two miniscule balls (like 8 rows of sleeve on each one– not much!) and just made it with scraps to spare. For a moment, I thought I was going to have to use the ends I trimmed (after weaving them in a bit) to finish the button band.


But it fits well, and I love it, and I enjoyed the yarn as much the second time through as much as I did the first.
Do you have a Finished Object to show off?

Knit Along

Just in case donating SOAP didn’t get you excited…

Handmade Homeschool is encouraging us to knit/felt/crochet a million squares for AIDS orphans in Africa.  Pass it on.

It was a project similar to this several years ago that connected me to Haiti. had sponsored a project to turn T-shirts into baby hats for newborns.  We made a handful at our house, but it set me praying for Haiti.  Look where that has led.

So if you’re inclined, let’s join Sarah at Handmade Homeschool and knit a square!