What’s Saving My Life Right Now

Upon the inspiration of Anne Bogel, this is a reflection on what’s saving my life right now.

Midday walks.


Sometimes we borrow our neighbor’s dog. Sometimes we hit a nature preserve (no dogs allowed.) Sometimes we just walk, but it’s always worth the effort.

Good books.

The children and I are reading Swallowdale by Arthur Ransome and Greenglass House by Kate Mitford. I am re-re-re-reading Dorothy Sayers’s Gaudy Night. (Sam just read it for the first time.)

Honestly, I’m not up for a challenge right now. I need something I know ends well. Suggestions?

Colorful food.


This week I made Run Fast, Eat Slow’s Runner’s High Peanut Sauce, and we poured it over bowls of rice, grilled chicken and diced vegetables. Yum.


My friend Lori introduced me to the app Pray As You Go. It’s a lovely 11-12 minutes of contemplative music, Scripture, meditation on the Word, and prayer.

Also, because I’m not playing music in church right now, I am free to seek prayer from our prayer ministers during communion. And I do. Every week.


What’s saving your life right now?

Food in Thailand

I’m home!  Sonia has just a few more days of fun in Thailand.  It’s much easier to post (especially photos) from home, so today I’m going to show you more of what we ate.  It was all delicious… except for the “mouse sh*t” chiles which we so hot I thought I was going to pass out when I bit into one.  Anyway…

Pigeon eggs…

Dragonfruit (which is white on the inside with tiny black seeds, like kiwi)


The swirling red thing is some plastic tied to what looked like a stirring stick for a flask on a warmer. It swirled around to keep the flies off the meat. It did a pretty good job.




Are you hungry yet? I am!