Autumn Rhythms


We are a month back from our trip, and I feel like our autumn schedule is finally becoming routine. With dance and swim team each four times a week, voice lessons, piano lessons, three weekly online classes, meetings for the library’s teen advisory board, weekly physical therapy and school, it’s taken us a bit to fall into a rhythm.


The calendar in my phone looks like a crazy quilt, with all sorts of overlapping blue and green and red squares.  What’s helping is a sit-down each weekend to plan the next week on paper.


There are little pockets of autumn beauty in the week as well.  My porch is exactly the right temperature (and quiet!) for a quiet time between our read-aloud hour and lunch.  The roses are blooming like nobody’s business, and our burning bushes are finally burning.  Sam added two trees to our postage-stamp of a yard: one redbud and one apple.


I’m learning to make a short walk through the garden part of my autumn rhythm. Smell the roses. Admire the chrysanthemums. Thank the chickens and the peach tree for the bounty they gave us this summer.


I am learning to make gratitude and marvel parts of my fall rhythm. I just wish it hadn’t taken me so long.

Daybook: Mid-August 2012

Wow!  How did it get to be the middle of August already?  We start school on Monday, and I’m still organizing.

Organizing: I can’t really taking the credit for this.  Sam has great organizational skills.  Last week he did the kids’ bedrooms (oy!) and last night he tackled the laundry room, which really has been a repository for… well, anything.  Wish I’d taken before pictures so you could see, but…


Those cute brightly colored bins are last year’s schoolwork bins, but they were too small, really. They’re almost perfect for holding candles and batteries and random supplies that have been stacked atop each other until they fall out with a huge clunk onto the dryer.

In the kitchen: vegetables.  Last night I roasted them with a little oil and garlic powder.  (Thanks, Renee!)

The kids weren’t very excited about anything but the potatoes. How can you not love purple potatoes you got to dig out of the ground?

In the garden: a few flowers. Lots of veges– this year I have some really pretty eggplants.
And I think the one below is an amaryllis I planted one year after Christmas. There were three blooms on consecutive days. They didn’t last long, but my, they took my breath away.


  • an agent’s interest in my book.  And my critique partner had two requests for pages– awesome!
  • a clean porch
  • my current cross-training regimen with my friend (we’re doing Jillian Michaels’ 30-Day Shred.  Today is day 9.)
  • a friends’ adoption being FINAL.  Hooray!
  • the balance beam my dad built for the kids. (You can see they already raised it off the ground.)


In my prayers: details for my trip to Thailand.  Mandy.  The Simons.  Burma.



Thinking about: school.  The school room is a mess, but I have all day, right?  This year I feel like I have way more on my plate in terms of planning.  More on that later.