Birthday photos

Postings have been sparse around here.  Some days it’s all I can do to get food on the table and school taught, without trying to see things in a new way that could be a photograph or a blog post.  It’s not really burn-out I don’t think, but running on empty. There’s no smoke coming from the engine, but there won’t be any side trips happening any time soon.

My observant husband has been noticing the high speed on my treadmill and wanted to encourage me to step off for a bit.  So he sent me away for my birthday.  It almost didn’t happen, but we persevered and Friday afternoon, I drove off while he set up the biology lab.   I had Friday mid-afternoon till Sunday at five all to myself.

It was lovely.  Quiet, not lonesome.  I took myself out for dinner and read a book at the table.  I stayed up late quilting and slept in late. I spent hours writing and reading and watching the old Masterpiece Theater Poldark while I quilted.  (I didn’t even know there was a remake until I googled it for this post.)   I ran around Lake Estes and got a haircut.  I ate leftovers all weekend without cooking anything.  All such simple things, but they added up to a restorative time, one I greatly needed.

Here are a few views from my weekend away.
Still a little bit of fall color.


Lake Estes.


image [I was running on the trail around the lake when I came upon this herd of elk and the crowd watching them.  What is the proper etiquette when you come upon a bunch of people watching elk?  (I didn’t want to scare off the wildlife and ruin the moment for everyone else, but I was sweaty and would get cold quickly.)  After a while, a bicyclist came by, and I followed him around them.]

After all this goodness on my weekend away, I came home to a clean(er) house, a winterized garden, and a completed AP bio lab. And tulips.

This time I got the weekend away AND the tulips.  Happy birthday to me, indeed!