Book Recommendations

When Daddy Prays Psalm 23 The Beatitudes From Slavery to Civil Rights The Lord's prayer

Are you familiar with Tim Ladwig?  He illustrates beautiful books– Psalm Twenty-Three and The Lord’s Prayer are two I read regularly both at home and in our Sunday school class.  Searching for his books led me to Nikki Grimes’ When Daddy Prays, a book about all the prayers a dad prays for his child, and back to Carole Boston Weatherford, whose Moses: When Harriet Tubman Led Her People to Freedom is one of our favorites.  In my most recent search, I found Weatherford’s book Freedom on the Menu, which I bought and am excited to read with the kids.

Weatherford’s book, The Beatitudes: From Slavery to Civil Rights is a gorgeous book.  It tells the story of a painful (and ongoing) part of our country’s history in a way that is accessible to children.  Every time we read this book, the kids ask me more questions about race in America.  I don’t have answers to all their questions, and knowing that, I often don’t avoid discussing race and current events with them.  This book helped start (and continue) our discussion.