Come visit The Well

I have a proposal: let’s stop giving hospital beds to adults who chose not to receive coronavirus vaccinations.

We can still provide emergency care, but if a person comes into the ER with Covid, meets the criteria for hospitalization but has chosen not to receive the vaccine, let’s take them seriously and accept their choice. They have ceded their right to hospital beds that will require a sacrifice from the health care workers caring for them and the vaccinated individual denied the bed that they are filling. They can go home with self-administered medications, and an ICU bed will remain available for someone with heart failure or a life-threatening accident. 

“You can’t be serious,” my husband said, when I told him my idea. “You are really tired.”

I was serious. I still am. And, yes, I am exhausted.

I’m over at The Well today, talking about the thousands of unnecessary deaths the U.S. has witnessed since the beginning of the pandemic. Come check out my proposal.

3 thoughts on “Come visit The Well

  1. Well written as always. I’m praying for you and Sam, and the other medical people.
    We got our vaccines in May, but now that masks are on and off, I keep forgetting them. Kari often has extras in her pocket though, so it works out.

    Role reversals already, argh!


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