Daybook: August 1st

Outside: our front porch is a perfect little space in the morning, especially on these hot summer days. My friend Danielle inspired me to light a candle on the porch, and it has been a lovely addition to my morning routine.

In the schoolroom: We are still in full summer mode, which includes:

  • sleeping in
  • lots of screen time
  • trying to connect with friends (see previous)
  • complaining of boredom

For me, summer means not trying to maximize anyone’s anything. While the children play or hang out or complain, I have been prepping for school, which has meant reading lots of really interesting books and thinking about how to teach them. Good stuff.

My youngest is done with summer- she’s ready to start school again, and has been begging to start school early. (She even cleaned out all of last year’s leftover papers and random detritus from her school bin: see below.) I have put her off by promising a weekday camping trip. The only day I could find, however, follows a forty-eight hour shift at the hospital (for me, not her.) Wish me luck.

Random update: Remember my kids’ power point presentation to convince us to buy them a Switch? We responded with an earn-the-Switch campaign. Every mile walked/run counted 1 point toward the 500-point goal. Every indoor workout counted 1 point. Every mile biked was half a point. (Yards swam had some other complicated exchange rate I can’t remember.) Anyway, they did it, and they are happily smashing things together and negotiating with that tyrant Tom Nook.

In the kitchen: another brilliant friend (looking at you, Hillary) encouraged me to give the kids more time/space in the kitchen, so two nights a week most weeks, one of the kids is cooking dinner. It does mean more last-minute trips to the grocery store, but apart from that it’s a win-win. Yesterday Phoebe made my mom’s homemade noodles in a really fantastic vegetable broth and a green salad.

In my shoes: July’s goal was to “move more.” Having a lovely porch space means that I linger there, thinking up excuses not to exercise (e.g., I have a hangnail, my hair looks decent right now, I don’t know where my mask is…) until it’s too hot to exercise outside. I started writing down my excuses, which look ridiculous on paper, and then managed to do some kind of movement, be it yoga, running, walking, hiking, or biking, twenty-four days out of the month. Aside from being my main coping technique (and there’s a lot to cope with right now!) movement has been a lovely way to get out and see something other than the news. I saw hummingbirds, hawks, and even a buck who was snacking in our urban park.

<img src="; width="640" height="352" alt="Untitled">

On my mind:

  • antiracism work
  • honoring my kids’ priorities in our learning
  • how can I better support my medical assistants who are front-line workers?

Grateful for:

  • our church
  • good therapists
  • the life of John Lewis and good trouble
  • music
  • this “bonus summer” our family has had together
  • quarantine birthday parties in the back yard and garage
  • young leaders stepping to make change
  • Sam

Praying for:

  • a shared narrative for the pandemic
  • the daily bread of patience, perseverance, and hope
  • the grassroots law project
  • public health workers, lab techs and supermarket workers
  • the Church and its mission of sacrifice and hospitality
  • parents, especially parents of teens and emerging adults

One thought on “Daybook: August 1st

  1. Fabulous! I’m so glad camping happened, even with the hospital shift. I hope their cooking continues with school and into the fall because, of course, you cook in every season.


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