Mid-Winter Update: What’s saving my life right now

I’ve enjoyed Modern Mrs. Darcy’s What’s Saving My Life series for a few years. In that spirit, here’s what’s saving my life right now:

Thick hand cream and rubber gloves:

During the winter (and with all my hand-washing in the clinic) my hands get so dry they crack. There are lots of expensive options out there, but I like the $4 Vaseline’s intensive care deep moisture cream. This is not a sponsored post. I think it works; I like the price; I can still open doorknobs afterwards. All the same, I still need to use rubber gloves for all my household tasks involving water.



For the first time ever, I recently returned a candle to a store because the fragrance was too strong. (No, I hadn’t burned it yet.) Generally, I love candles, the more the merrier. Burning them all winter long (especially in February) makes me feel cozy and warm.


Normally in February, I reach for old favorites. I hate investing my imagination in a new book and discovering I have chosen poorly. Currently on my reading table: Pride and Prejudice and The Westing Game.


Getting Outside

There’s a direct correlation between how much time I spend cooped up indoors and my mood. At this stage in our schooling and in life, I have to be very intentional to make my outside time happen, but when I make it happen, life is better. For all of us.


My current favorite music to listen to includes Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings, the music from the musical Waitress, and Ingrid Michaelson.

What’s saving your life right now?


5 thoughts on “Mid-Winter Update: What’s saving my life right now

  1. Got out for a walk while the snow was falling earlier today. Daily meditation has been helped me stay grounded during an extended period of challenging emotions. I have some nice products for hands, & body, but for the money, coconut oil is wonderful for the hands (and smells great too).

    • I’m a coconut oil fan, too, but it makes me hungry. 😊
      Yes to walking and meditation (although I struggle with the daily part.) I’m sorry it’s been a prolonged period of emotional upheaval.
      Thank you for sharing!

      • Yeah, talk about learning as we go….long overdue attention to long neglected issues. But things look brighter ahead.

  2. I love candles too. My husband gave me the battery operated fake kind so they look like they are burning and I can set them to a timer so every night I have candles burning and I don’t have to worry about them if I fall asleep without blowing them out.

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