Seven Quick Takes: Smack down edition

One: In accordance with the cosmic law that Low Must Follow High (I know it’s not true, but it feels true), I am here to report on the smack down that followed my last message of hope and encouragement.

“That’s right.  It’s not true.  It just feels true.”

Two: It happened on Monday, when we had one of our worst homeschooling days in a long time. There were tears (not just mine, which the children have come to expect so that they [the tears, not the children] make less impact than they might), and by the end of the day- when the work was still not finished- I locked myself if my room saying, “I don’t care what you do now, but I’m going to do some yoga.” I don’t think I slammed the door.

Three: We spent Sunday pulling out the garden, since it was going to freeze anyway.  You may recall that I had planted mostly butternut squash and a tiny bit of carrots and broccoli, since everything else we get from our local CSA. I felt pretty boss when we brought all that squash inside. Also, we harvested a broccoli that was almost as tall as Phoebe.


Four: I made pot pie this week and thought I would be smart and put in some of the broccoli stem for extra bulk and nutrition. It seemed a little tough when I peeled it, but I figured it would soften up as it simmered.  Spoiler: it did not. It remained the consistency of wood chips, and we had to pick it piece-by-piece out of the pot pie.  And then it snowed.



Five: We spent the morning after the snow pulling out snow clothes so we could make a snowman and play outside, which was extremely fun for 17 minutes, and then the snow melted and I was left with snow pants or boots on every available surface. I will keep tripping over them until I put them away next May, when it will promptly snow again.

Six: I went for a run a few hours after the above photo was taken. I wore several shirts, my hat and mittens, and wool socks and dissolved a puddle of sweat after approximately eight minutes. But at least the view was stunning.


Seven: Now it’s Friday, and I cleaned all the old food out of the fridge. Look what I found! (I rock at this housekeeping thing.) I’m thinking that’s Aspergillus growing on what might have been cream cheese several years ago. I may have to feed my family actual wood chips later, but at least we’ll have a good science class first.


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6 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes: Smack down edition

  1. And the mold made a pretty shape!

    We had our first chilly weather last night, I didn’t get the houseplants inside, so I’m glad that the passion vine that is still growing around the tutor is OK.
    M and K have a friend over, we had coop today. Dinner will be leftovers because my brain is mush. I’m trying to gather mental strength to bake them muffins for afternoon snack, finish the last 3 seams in my new dress or pull weeds in the flower beds.

    I probably will manage muffins and sighing.


  2. Reading this reminds me so much of growing up in a homeschooling family. We had tears and fun, and my mom developed the saying “its a means to an end” and I know what she meant is “this life is a means to get to heaven.” In other words, its ok that your cream cheese is moldy. 🙂 I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices and struggles of my mom, and I would not trade my childhood for any other. As a daughter, I see the good that maybe my mom couldn’t always see as she persevered along. I just wanted to share this with you to give you encouragement in the good work that you are doing!


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