Scenes from an anniversary

Thanks to generous friends who moved their family into our house so our children could continue their everyday lives while we were gone, Sam and I took a six day vacation to Cabo San Lucas at the end of January.

I had no desire to cook or plan meals (even for two people) or explore, so we stayed at an all-inclusive resort. It was a first for us. Beautiful, yes. Full of people drinking way too much, yes. They woke us up almost every night as they came back from the disco, shouting in the tiled hallways and telling each other to be quiet.  One night they spent half an hour trying to get Maureen to let them into her room to find their shoes.  (Maureen, wherever you are, next time please share a room with somebody else.)


But in the morning, while they slept or heaved in their bathrooms, we had the pools and the birds and the paths to ourselves.


These birds perched in the palm trees to wait until diners abandoned their plates, and then they’d swoop down to feast until the serving staff cleared the plates away.  Everything was open and breezy.  Beautiful and birdy.

We made two exceptions to our do-nothing plans:

  1. spend a lot of time in the hot tub.
  2. go whale watching.


These are the aging mermaids overlooking the jacuzzi.  I love everything about them, from their gray hair to their musical instruments to their stretch marks.


This is the humpback whale we followed for an hour as she breached repeatedly and swam and waved at us.  I call her Hermosa.  She has six barnacles on her tail.

We came back- if not rested- at least refreshed. And that’s a marked improvement over how I felt when I left.



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