We made it to the mountain!

So after a week with chain restrictions on I-70 and ski equipment piled in our bedroom and tripping me in the dark…


… we finally made it up to ski.

I had “ski day” on the calendar. We woke to clear skies in Denver, but continuing chain laws up in the mountains. I don’t own chains. Sam doesn’t like our driving in bad weather.  The girls woke up, and I broke the bad news… and then at 11:30, I checked the highway department’s website one last time. In sorrow, almost. (The same way I keep checking my news feed for some change in the last year’s election.)

The road was open! No restrictions. The girls and I piled into the car, and 15 minutes later we were on our way. At two o’clock, I was paying 50 cents (for an hour of parking) to park in the town lot, and we carried our skis up to the lift.

Doing the math, it seemed like an awful lot of work for an hour and a half of skiing. But watching their faces as they set off down the mountain and zipped through the adventure zone told me it was totally worth it.


And an hour and a half was a perfect way to find our ski-legs for the first day of the season.

Wishing you happy trails of all kinds, friends!


One thought on “We made it to the mountain!

  1. Glad you made it to go skiing. Get chains…all the cars had them when i was growing up. no big deal, except kind of noisey. but you never get stuck and can go anywhere. love to all

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