Warning: your storage is almost full

Do you see this warning regularly on your phone?  I do, and I’m starting to take it as a metaphor for my life.

My phone has all sorts of apps on it:

  • my photography apps (a camera and multiple apps to store and share my photos)
  • several e-readers (for books, news feed and blogs, as well as a Bible app, the Book of Common Prayer and another that has daily devotions)
  • apps to keep track of everything (finances, our home security system, our solar power, and our grocery lists)
  • music and exercise apps (and I can’t even use the exercise apps right now, sigh)
  • apps to keep track of my children (Find my Phone, Find my Friends, and several ways I track their online presence)
  • and then the gigabytes of medical information I use on a regular basis at work.

No wonder I’m of out storage.


I’m out of mental storage as well.  I’m not talking about long-term memory here, but short term.  RAM.  I’ve been making meal plans but don’t make it to the grocery store to have all the ingredients on hand.  I reserve library books and don’t make it to the library in time to pick them up before the clerks reshelve them.  I showed up on day 2 of a two-day CME not realizing I had the dates wrong. (I missed the whole first day.)  I’ve been missing appointments and forgetting to call people back or respond to emails in a timely fashion. Thank goodness Sam pays the bills, or those would be late, too.

The obvious solution would be to quit my job, send my children to boarding school, and play Tetris till my thumbs fall off.


Since that’s not an option, I’m going to follow my tried-and-true method of letting go of my perfectionism (just look at my kitchen floor for proof I’ve let go), taking a deep breath first, and keeping the calendar to one page.  I have stopped reading and listening to most of the news, and turning instead to prayer.  I’m still reeling from the election and full of fear, honestly.  But I seem to be doing better by taking long (and short) walks.

How do you find more RAM?


2 thoughts on “Warning: your storage is almost full

  1. The other day I poured the coffee beans into the French Press and was about to put the not quite boiling water into the coffee grinder when Dan took them both from me and Ben asked,”Mom, are you anemic again?”

    I think I’ll borrow the out of RAM phrase, but I think your coping strategies are good ones.

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