Election Daybook


Out my window: still roses and blue skies.  Such a gift. I might not be so grateful when I want to ski and there’s no snow, but today I am immensely grateful.

In the kitchen: We’re having a Taco Tuesday with neighbors tonight in hopes of defeating Lord Business.

Image result for lord business gif lego movie

In the schoolroom: We finished Swallows and Amazons yesterday.  Those books are some of my favorites.  Even the older kids, who have been protesting rereading books we read a long time ago, gave no pushback about rereading this one.  We’re looking forward to the movie!  We reached 1500 in The World of Christopher Columbus and Sons, and it’s tense in the Mysterious Benedict Society.  Today we’ll be reading Sobel’s Presidential Elections and Other Cool Facts.

Product DetailsProduct DetailsProduct DetailsProduct Details

We’ve also been filling out hypothetical electoral maps.  Just the number of delegates per state generated some heated discussion among my kids.  They are excited to fill in the real numbers tonight, and Jonah is hooked on FiveThirtyEight.

The chess board has been pulled out, which is good and bad.  Good: chess is fruitful brain work.  Bad: the loser is really unhappy.

In my shoes: Still no running happening, though my physical therapist just cleared me to increase my walking “mileage” (not sure we can even call it that at this point) by 10% a week.

On my reading table: The kids listened to much of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows without me, so I’m filling in the bits I missed.  So much good stuff in those last three chapters.  And I’m reading Dick’s The Man in the High Tower, a 1962 counterfactual novel about what 1950 in San Francisco would have looked like if Japan and Germany had won WWII.  Fascinating.

Grateful for:  My friend Lori and I took the kids (minus one) to the Denver Art Museum this weekend.  I prepared a homemade photo scavenger hunt, which occupied most of them enough that she and I were able to have a conversation.  Look at this amazing then and now:


The top photo was taken so long ago that the two youngest children weren’t even in it.  I am so grateful for both then, and now.

Praying for: Mandy.  Grace and perseverance for all that’s on my plate right now.  I pray for our friends in the Philippines- for their safety and peace during turmoil, and for our friends in Fiji.

And for our country I pray that after this challenging election season with so much divisive language and hateful rhetoric, we may as a nation choose mutual respect, justice, hope and a shared gratitude for the stability of our republic as we move forward into a new administration.


4 thoughts on “Election Daybook

  1. Praying for grace and perseverance for you, too. And thankful for these book recommendations. And your hope-filled words. May it be so.

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