More London Photos

The girls’ favorite days on our trip were: 1) the day spent at Universal Studios looking at all the rooms, costumes, and paraphernalia from the Harry Potter movies, and 2) the day we spent at Hamley’s toy store and building fairy houses in Hyde Park.



When Sam first saw the sticker price of a day at Universal Studios, he was going to give it a pass. But it was no more than a day at a studio tour here, or a day at Disney.

Phoebe is still hoping she gets a Hogwarts acceptance letter on her 11th birthday.


Is that a Lego photobomber right behind her?

Lego ninja attempting to steal the Lego Crown Jewels

Momo’s fav: Lego Queen with Lego Corgi

We spent several hours at Hamley’ and the girls didn’t buy anything.  When we went there years ago (I was 10, I think?), I felt like there were all sorts of toys I had never seen in the US.  Now, everything there was the same as what we see here: Legos, Playmobile, glitter nail polish, the same franchises of stuffed animals.  (Except for the Lego displays, which were uniquely British.)


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