Hey! I just caught a Ponyta!

You may have heard of a little phenomenon going on.  Pokemon Go, anyone?

Owen downloaded it last week, but it kept crashing on his phone.  Phoebe had better luck on my phone, and we’ve been walking around our neighborhood (and others) to catch Pokemon and incubate our eggs.  I think it’s hilarious.

Yes, I’ve read about all the downsides.  Pokemon Go may be getting almost as much press as the Donald.  But this is what it’s done to my stepcounter:


A game that gets my kids asking me to walk around the neighborhood (“Can we go for another walk, Mom?”) gets five stars.  Did Michele Obama design this game?

I caught three Pokemon inside Old Navy last week, while Moriah was trying on shorts.  Old Navy for the win!

P.S. Yes, I fixed the terrible typo on my runniversary post, in case anyone was horrified by the idea of my running through Linden trees dripping in blood.

2 thoughts on “Hey! I just caught a Ponyta!

  1. We are having some debate over Pokemon Go. It looks so fun and I love the concept. However, I’m concerned about data usage; since I have the only phone in the house, I have a fairly low data plan (Rick’s phone is a work phone). Also I’ve been wondering about data safety with the game. I just keep thinking there has to be an ulterior motive… I’m probably paranoid! Lol.
    Out of curiosity, what step counter are you using?


  2. My fiance downloaded it and now asks me to go on walks so he can catch more / hatch his eggs – I think it’s wonderful 🙂 Plus, the actual amount of time spent “catching” is very minimal compared to the total time walking. I actually started playing for him in the car when we’re stuck in traffic and am “slightly” ashamed to say I love it!


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