Daybook: end of June

Outside my window: My mother’s garden.  I’ve been taking a few hospital shifts in my parents’ town (and availing myself of their guest room and company).  It’s supposed to be another scorcher today.

In the kitchen: rice bowls with Pioneer Woman’s hoisin chicken.  Her recipe is for Lettuce Wraps, but I can’t seem to make the link work today.  The chicken works well wrapped in lettuce, rice paper wrappers, or tossed in a bowl of rice and steamed vegetables.  (The chicken freezes well, so make a double batch).  Our CSA has started deliveries, so we’re enjoying baby carrots, garlic scapes, swiss chard, and zucchini.

Around the house: We had a busy week and weekend with birthday celebrations, 2 different swim meets, theater camp, and lots of bike rides.  I think we need a few days to recover before we tackle the cleaning that has to happen before our guests come for the weekend.


So tired…

In the school room: Last week I planned our week-by-week lessons in writing, physics, geography and history for next year, and I chose a handful of poems for us to memorize.  Now it’s time to move our old curriculum to the basement to make way for all the good middle ages novels I have for 2016-7. (Our book list for the middle ages is above, on the 2010-2011 page, or here.)

In my shoes: In my quest for shady paths to run, I followed a path that turned out to be half-drowned.  I take that back: it was all the way drowned.  I ended up trapped between a fence and a path-turned-pond and had to wade for a good 30 feet before taking off my shoes and wringing out my socks.  But I was still glad I went.
Can’t go over it, can’t go under it… have to go through it.  No bears, though.

On my mind: I am so shocked by the Brexit vote, and the amazing worldwide fear of cross-border migration. I wish I could form a more coherent expression of my thoughts, but I am convinced that policies made out of fear have never worked in anyone’s interest.

Grateful for:

  • our CSA farm’s generosity. (They have donated a full summer’s share of food to our refugee friends!)
  • a healthy baby born yesterday- much awaited, much loved already.
  • hilarious and joyful birthday celebrations this weekend.
  • an early morning walk with a friend.
  • a visit with a missionary friend and his perspective on the Kingdom

Praying for: Mandy. Ron. The Neals and the Simons. So many who are struggling.  For the courage to make decisions based on love and faith instead of fear and bitterness.


2 thoughts on “Daybook: end of June

  1. Love the dianthus in your mom’s garden. We planted some this year too.

    I was talking with some British friends and they said there is much more to the exit vote than immigration. A lot of voters voted leave because of a lack of control. They don’t feel like they have control over their own country or future. Everything (it seems) must be done according to the will of the EU. I think that’s why such a large percentage of the leave votes were older people. They remember when the UK answered to it’s own people -not European demands.

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