Daybook: mid-June

Out my window:  Everything is blooming.  I love that. Both the plants and the people are feeling the effects of the heat, though… it’s supposed to hit 100F today.


In the kitchen: meatballs.  We had leftover ground beef & pork from camping (hooray for coolers and ice!) so today they are turning into meatballs.  I think the rest of our meals this week will be cold.


In my shoes: If I want to run at all, it has to be early.  But my mornings have been feeling good, and my runs are like garden walks lately. This weekend I did some canoeing, and I can feel it (in a good way) in my abs and sides.

Around the house: The sleeping bags are the last of the camping laundry.  That’s one fringe benefit of the heat: it won’t take long for them to dry.

In the school room: I finished our 2015-6 school summary last week.  This was a hard year school-wise for me this year, and I didn’t feel great about it.  But seeing it on paper helped some.  Today I’m turning my mind toward next year.

The kids are all reading for both the library’s and our home summer reading program.

On my mind: Jonah is turning 16 this week.  How did that happen? I wish I knew him as well when he was 2 as I do now- there were so many bits and pieces of his personality I misunderstood (like his ripping a book to shreds because he loved it so much).  He is even more himself now than he was then, if that’s possible.


On my bedside table: Louise Penny’s The Nature of the Beast kept me up past bedtime last night. So good.


Grateful: For Sam’s healing last November.  We had a far-flung friend over for dinner last night and got to reflect with him on the continuing blessings of that miracle.

Praying for: Mandy. Ron.  Rusty. The Simons and Neals.  Loved ones who are struggling in many different ways. Victims of violence, and for those who perpetrate it.  For the ability to stand up against violence in its many forms.  For refugees and IDPs the world over.


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