My heart is so heavy today

Have we learned nothing since Columbine?  Charleston? Aurora?  San Bernadino? Virginia Tech?  Sandy Hook?


How could it still be legal in this country to walk into a gun shop and buy an assault weapon?  If I proposed opening a bomb shop on my corner (I’d sell bombs only to customers with proper ID, I promise), you would think I was crazy.  Or if hosted a traveling Bomb Show, where everyone could display the latest shrapnel-embedded bombs and bombs capable of delivering deadly biological and chemical agents, you’d call the FBI.

But in our country it’s entirely legal to buy an assault weapon.  In Colorado, the legislature just passed a limit on ammunition magazines to fifteen rounds, but it failed to pass a ban on assault weapons.  The governor called such a ban “a hard sell.” What about today?

I grieve the lives lost in Orlando.  Forty-nine men and women dead.  Forty-nine neighbors and coworkers, brothers and sisters, children of parents who are now grieving the hardest loss for the rest of their lives.  And I am ashamed of our culture that values the right to bear arms above the right to be alive.


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