Grateful: school this year

Sam and I jumped straight from “phew, we finished!” into “what’s next?”

The kids, however, are hoping to savor their accomplishments  for a few minutes.  And by accomplishments, I don’t mean their grades or test scores.  What they are most excited about:

Phoebe learned how to ride her bike.


Moriah learned to make all kinds of baked goods and expanded her dog walking business to four days a week.


Owen taught courses in computer programming using Scratch at the public library. (And somehow I refrained from sneaking in to photograph it.)


Jonah had an adventure in China.


I am thrilled by the perseverance each of them showed along the way.  What I love about home schooling is not when something comes easily, but being able to watch them confront a challenge and figure out the way through it.

Being present with them is an honor, and I am so grateful that we had this year of school together (even if I didn’t get to go to China.)

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