Daybook: Beginning of May

Outside my window: we had snow for three days this weekend, but the sun is back.  Lots of little birds are singing, and the grass is all uneven and needing a cut. Kind-of like my boys’ hair.

In the kitchen: I have this Cooks’ Illustrated Almost-No-Knead Bread in the oven.  I haven’t decided yet what we’ll eat with it… but it should have some kind of yummy sauce we can sop up with the bread.


In the garden: Everything is very green.  My spinach and lettuce are coming up and are almost big enough to attract the attention of the vicious predators in my yard.

In my shoes: Between the bad weather and our 30 hour famine, last week’s mileage was low.  I’ve penciled my runs for the week and am hoping I can make them happen.  With Sam and Jonah in China next week, it may be harder then. I did have one lovely morning run where cranes unidentified water birds were still dipping in the creek when I went by.

The lilacs will be blooming though, so that should make it easier. Can you tell I plan my runs entirely based on the flora and fauna in season?

Good thing I’m not shooting for pace.  All my photo-taking would surely throw that off!

In the school room: Jonah’s in full exam-mode.  The rest of us are focusing on geography and reading. What about you?

Grateful: For this energetic group who joined our 30 hour famine this weekend. (More details to come.)  The church gave us a weekend away (where/when TBD) as a thank-you for our service with the children, but more than that I’m grateful for our new children’s church coordinator (that might not be the right title) who’s coming on board.  For lilacs and bird song and meaningful work.

Praying for: So many marriages.  Youth making decisions about college or not, and how to pay for it.  Campus ministers. Foster parents. Those who grieve. Faithful servants around the world and at home. Mandy, Heather, Danielle, Justine, and Becky. Gabby and Joshua. Refugees. The hungry.


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