Daybook: End of April

Out my window: dawn.  The tulips are at their end (here’s one last photo for you) and the iris are thinking about opening.  The birds are noisy already.


In the kitchen: nothing yet.  I’m sure someone will be begging to make some kind of dessert before the day is out.  I love that the children like to bake, but I think it would be better if they wanted to cook actual meals.

In the school room: I’m writing Jonah’s last AP biology exam.  He has a week and a half until his AP calc exam, and two weeks till the biology exam.  I’m feeling the pressure and am hoping not to pass it on to him.  Meanwhile, we’re trying to balance hikes and outside time and art with reading, writing and ‘rithmetic.  We just read a lovely book, Where the Mountain Meets the Moon, by Grace Lin.  (It was my answer to the kids’ request for a book that “isn’t sad.”)

On my mind: I’m thinking about next year and beyond.  Owen & Moriah have expressed interest in “regular” high school, so we’re looking into those options. We’re blessed to have several good choices and time to evaluate them.  The kids have been thinking about their ITBS tests and have identified areas they’d like to add to our learning for next year (that’s the point of it, right?).  So I’m exploring more formal geography and science curricula.

In my shoes: We visited friends yesterday and had planned a hike, but then the kids were all in their play-groove and none of them wanted to go.  So we adults hiked without them.  I can’t tell you how unimaginable that scenario would have been to me even 5 years ago, but they really are growing up!



There was still snow in the shadowed areas, and as we climbed out of the trees and up toward the light, the snow melted, the water flowed, and baby leaves unfurled all around us.  I thought I was in Narnia, when everyone kept saying, “Aslan is on the move!”  What a gift.


Grateful: for the hike, and old friends.  (Or, maybe better phrased as friends to grow old with.)  An amazing sermon yesterday. Spring. Sam.

Also, my paperback is out!  A box of them arrived on Friday.  So fun. If you were waiting to read it in paper, it’s now available on amazon.

Praying for: Mandy, Heather, Justine, Danielle.  Marriages. Teenagers graduating. Refugees, and those who serve them. Sarah, the Neals and the Simons.




4 thoughts on “Daybook: End of April

  1. Congrats on the book!! Also, I’m such a huge fan of hearing birds outside the window in the morning. It makes me actually want to get up out of bed : )

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