Who has time for a haircut? Not me.

I know there are people who know how their hair looks best, and they keep it just that length/style/color and make it work for them. But I am not one of those people.

I’m in the camp of people who grow their hair out, only to cut it short again. But because my hair is my one beauty (thank you, Amy March), it gets lots of comments. (Don’t think I haven’t noticed your eyes wandering to the top of my head as you’re talking to me at church.) Lots of positive comments when it’s long, or very short. When it’s in between (which is about 85% of my life), it gets a lot of comments like, “So… did you get a haircut?” and “Are you, um… doing something different with your hair?”

My hair is unreliable. It looks good super short for about 2 weeks, and then it looks ridiculous for another month before I can make it to the “salon,” where a helpful professional invariably asks me, “Have you considered covering up some of your gray?” But when I can’t even manage to make it in for a haircut more than once every 8 weeks, I suspect that “covering up my gray” would become yet another personal hygiene task at which I fail.

So yes, I’m growing out my hair. And no, that’s not a dead animal on my head. Thank you for asking.


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