Daybook: Bright Thursday

Outside my window: Spring is working hand, despite freak snow showers and a heavy, wet storm last week that flattened my crocuses.  When we came home from vacation, I dug them out from under the wet blanket and found two-dimensional crocuses. (They still count, even if they were flattened.)


In the kitchen: Hard-boiled eggs.  The chickens started producing again at the beginning of March, so I stockpiled the green eggs.  (We have one hen that lays green eggs, and the rest lay brown.)

The green eggs were a lovely base to the dyes. Also, because the eggs were older (relative to fresh, not relative to grocery-store eggs) they are peeling better.


In my shoes: Somehow we came home from vacation as tired as when we left. Slightly energized by the change, but tired nonetheless.  We made it to the Easter Vigil Saturday night and then had to be at church early Sunday.  Both were lovely, but all we could manage to do for the rest of the day was eat and rest.  Sam and I each took an easy run.


By easy I mean “stopped whenever I wanted to photograph ducks.”  Can you see them?

Around the house: Monday I put up some Easter decorations: an egg tree made from a downed branch I found on our walk after Easter dinner and our Alleluia which had been shrouded for Lent.  The house could use a thorough cleaning, but, well… ahem… I don’t feel like it.  Tidy is going to have to be enough for now.


I did revamp our chore chart, so maybe that will help.

In the school room: We just started our fourth quarter of school.  The kids were not as encouraged by that as I was.  We’re entering testing time: next week the kids have ITBS tests at school, and the AP exams are just around the corner.  I’m trying to temper that with good books and time outside.

On my reading table: War and Peace (still only at 12%,) Ordinary (by Michael Horton) for the small group we just joined, and Aristotle’s Ethics.  Here’s why I can no longer preview Jonah’s reading.

Grateful: for Mandy’s freedom from IVs! Sam. (I just can’t say that enough.) Our church family and our resurrection celebrations. Spring! A really fun afternoon at MSU for the Mystery, Murder and Mayhem panel.

Praying for: the Neals, Simons and Farrs. Marriages- so many are under such attack and strain right now. Heather, Maria, Mandy, Christine.



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