School: two-thirds done

Our family school year is 2/3 completed.  Phew.  Somewhere between halfway done and two-thirds done, I always go back to my summer plans for what we’d do this year, where I am reminded of the fourteen really great things I’d planned that we haven’t even started yet.  It’s humbling.

(If you’re looking for ideas for your own school plans, I post ours year-by-year in the pages above on in the sidebar. They’re listed by this year, most current on the right.)

We are heading into the testing time.  Jonah (10th grade) has his National Latin Exam next week, and I’m working with the high school near us to arrange his AP exams in early May.  This is a little nerve-wracking.  What if the school won’t agree to let him sit the exam with him?  How many schools should I talk to?  Next month, my kids will take the ITBS.  Testing always feels like a distraction to me, but my kids generally like it. It’s a break from our regular routine.  I always feel better when I get the results (“phew, they got at least 27% and I don’t have to enroll them in school stat.”)  I know that’s not everyone’s experience, but it’s ours.  (Interested in more thoughts about standardized testing? Mine are here and here.)

A fellow homeschooling friend and I had tea a few weeks ago.  We were talking about kids and school (as one does), and I shared my fears that the downfall of my organizational ability has been to squash my children’s ability to be self-starters.  Where is their drive to accomplish something on their own? She and I had a good laugh about how we always worry about something, but I genuinely wonder:  Has the absence of peer competition in their school experience made them less motivated to excel? And is that a bad thing?

Don’t forget to celebrate pi day coming up (3/14). Remember, math can delicious.


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