phfr: moving into March

Pretty: there are all sorts of signs of spring around us: budding trees, tulips and crocuses coming up (I’ve counted 34 of my tulips poking up into the light), birdsong coming back, blue skies, and children climbing said trees.


Happy:  Despite February fatigue, I capitalized on a field trip to drop in on my parents for a morning.  The girls turned it into an impromptu tea party with Papa.  I am really grateful for my parents.

Funny: On one of the days we were trying to beat the February blues, I took the girls to the outdoor ice skating rink downtown.  We ran into some of our friends from the girls’ former dance studio.  They had a blast skating around the little, melting rink and running into the walls.


Real: Feeling my age in my bones (and more when I’m sitting a lot), I’ve been trying to walk more.  My phone automatically counts my steps, so I’ve been shooting for 10,000 a day.  10K is harder to get to than I remember it being… which might me a clue why my clothes aren’t fitting as well as I’d like.

The happy upshot for the girls is more time in the parks.  We like to borrow our neighbor’s little dog and take him with us.  Turns out he has a taste for carrots and rice chex.


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