Beating the February Blues: Day 18

Welcome to a month of ideas to beat the February Blues!

Day 18: Get real.

This has been a month of illness for us.  One after another, each of us has had two weeks (or more) of a really crummy respiratory virus that had laid us low.  There have been precious few field trips.  We have looked a lot more like this:
Hmmm… I wonder how I caught it?
than this:

Maybe it isn’t illness that has knocked you down. Maybe it’s bad news or fear of the future or pain from the past. There are some days that we can’t check the boxes or push through the work to get to the fun stuff.

And that’s okay.  As long as we let go of the pinteresque ideal in our minds, we’re good.

So friends,  let go of it.  Let’s offer mercy.  And let’s start with ourselves.


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