Daybook, Late January

Outside my window: Mostly clear.  Only the snow in the permashade is still on the ground.  The chicken yard is a muddy mess.  Yesterday I watered my trees and shrubs.

Any ideas what this bird is?  From far away, he looked like some kind of parakeet, and then up close he looked like a tiny raptor. A kestrel, maybe?

In the kitchen: a lot of nothing.  I am so not inspired.  I have a list of meals to make for the week, but that would require going to the grocery store.  We had some Doritos but I ate them all during the Broncos’ game. (Go Broncos!) What can I make with chick peas and rice noodles?

In the schoolroom: I am so grateful for the children’s habit of work.  It took years, but they finally have the routine down, and most days they get up and get to it.  I’m hoping today is another of those days.

We are currently reading The Day of the Pelican by Katherine Paterson. I love her writing; I love her stories. But the children asked if the next book we read could be funny and not sad.   They’d like no dead parents, no angst, no wayward siblings, no war, and a lot of giggles.  The only thing I can think of is Mr. Popper’s Penguins.  Other suggestions?

In my shoes: I’m hoping to run 1000K this year, which works out to about 33 miles/month. I more or less have to keep my miles ahead of the day of the month. I was caught up until yesterday.


Yet another really flattering running selfie.

On my reading list: I read some fun fiction last week when I checked out of life for a few hours.  This week I am reading The Heart of Social Justice: How Soul Change Leads to Social Change by Brenda Salter McNeil and Rick Richardson.  So much good in this book.

Grateful: Our church class, The Christian Journey, (or, as I think about it, the Death and Dying class) has really got me thinking.  Each week this month, I’ve had a patient at work want to talk about issues surrounding dying.  I have had so much more to offer, even to patients who don’t approach death (or life) from a faith perspective.

I’m grateful for a date with Sam on Friday night.  A conversation with a friend on Saturday morning.  Jonah has finally starting thinking about college in a more concrete way, and I’m grateful- he will need a long lead in to making that decision.

Praying for: Mandy.  Our friends overseas, and their ability to choose joy.  So many dealing with chronic illness- either in their own bodies, or those who are care givers. Wisdom and kindness.


2 thoughts on “Daybook, Late January

  1. How about Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright? It’s mostly exploration and inter-generational wonder. And it has a dandy sequel, Return to Gone Away. Her book the Saturdays is also delightful, but there is a fire (no one dies, though older siblings are struck with fear and guilt for what might have happened) and WWII is in the background, but it mostly stays there.

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