How to make a mess with friends

I have a friend who enters into all my craziness.  Recently we ran a Chopped: Cupcake Edition for our kids.  She brought the cupcakes and frosting, and I supplied the basket and pantry of extra ingredients.


If you’re not familiar with Chopped, my kids’ favorite cooking show, contestants are asked to prepare a dish using a basket of required ingredients and anything else from the pantry they want to add.  Usually one of the basket ingredients is some processed food a “real” chef would not use.

This day’s basket ingredients were buttercream frosting, vanilla, limes, and poppy seeds.

My friend and I got to be the judges. It was a blast, even with the mess afterward.


I want to be the mom who says Yes to the mess for the sake of the fun.  But I am WAY more likely to do that if I have a friend to laugh about it in the midst!


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