The Best Christmas Present

No, I didn’t have a baby.

I mean, I did once (4 times, actually, but who’s counting) but this is somewhere on the list below a Christmas baby.

Remember how I dropped my phone in the toilet? (A post which generated almost as much websympathy as Sam’s bowel obstruction.)  So I spent four hours Monday driving from store to store in order to find a replacement phone that was not The Latest Thing!  and New and Improved! 

An aside: somehow, because I got an old new phone, the phone was free and the phone company is paying me $5 a month (or reducing my bill by that amount).  I don’t understand that math.

Once the phone was working, I discovered the backlog of phone calls: the patient whose labor I had wanted to attend (delivered safely by my colleague 12 hours before I got the call), the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get in on a property in the Bahamas (yeah, right), and the message from a friend’s sister that she was stuck in Denver for the day and might need a place to stay the night.

That’s right.  My friend who lives 6329 miles away in Fiji, was stuck in the airport 17 miles from my house.  (That’s math I understand.)

Here they are in summer, 2014. PreFiji. The last time I had a 48-hour blast with them.

Their flight was 3/4 of the way from L.A. to Chicago when it was forced back by the storm and had to land in Denver.  So I got to spend twelve hours under cover of darkness with my friend and her family.  I know it’s theologically ridiculous to say that God turned their plane around just so I could make them chili and cornbread for dinner and wrap them in blankets and feed them bacon for breakfast… but that’s exactly what it felt like.

Merry Christmas to me.  What was your best gift this year?


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