phfr: doing my best

Pretty: I love our Advent wreaths.  I only had 12 candles left over from last year and no energy to procure more, so I put one in every other hole.  Plus, this way it’s less likely to set off our smoke alarms.  (I’m doing my best here, people. No judging.)


Happy: This weekend was our annual Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis.  Go Team RandomAmandas/Colorado!  (Those silver Ys are monoclonal antibodies to IL-6. As my sister-in-law said, “Geeky fabulous.”  The only person at the race who got the joke was our neighbor, the drug rep.)


Funny:  This tree was down on my normal running route.  I’m thinking those are beaver teeth.  In the middle of Denver!


Real: This week we made peppermint bark.  I use the recipe from Orangette.


I love that the smashing of peppermints takes so long that I don’t have to let anyone help with the chocolate.



Normally, I would have shared some with friends but we ate it all ourselves the chocolate was from last year and I didn’t want to poison anyone. (Remember: no judging.)

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7 thoughts on “phfr: doing my best

  1. I have the same advent wreath….I only had one candle left over from last year, and like you didn’t want to bother with getting more….so mine is pretty sparse and the candle moves forward each day!

  2. I broke my foot the day before Thanksgiving, and despite the obvious issues and limitations, this has been quite freeing. No one can judge a woman in a boot, right? I am getting done just what I can and no more. Everyone has pitched in, too. This has been the best Advent ever!!!

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